climate clock
breathing tower in san josé (usa)

our project is all about a cloud. today the problem of climate change is observed mainly at the altitude of clouds. this level we can not touch, but we can only watch. this level is the same all over the earth. there is no border for the climate. the cloud is free to move and to appear everywhere on earth. this is an overview of our project. it is called breathing tower. the cloud, as a universal element, this interactive cloud could bring attention to each city, each culture, each nation and each generation. the cloud changes its form all the time. it never stays in the same shape. the interactive cloud also transforms its opacity up to the quality of air of san jose.

we think no sign can visualize the climate and bring it to our minds better than natural elements and their interfering in the environment. when i was a child in the country side in japan, my grandmother has often explained how we can predict the weather just by watching the movement of the clouds, wind, birds, etc. it taught me how to analyze those elements and how to feel micro climate change with this kind of wisdom we have almost lost today.

auftraggeber: climate clock global initiative
leistungsumfang: wettbewerbsbeitrag
kooperation: y. oshima, künstler, wien
auszeichnung: finalist im intenationalen wettbewerb