deltacity as a public promenade
redesign the coastline of rijeka (hr)

the constant transformations of the city of rijeka’s coastline are part of its history, also connected with the development of new urban fabric along the shore. in the new millennium rijeka has once again the opportunity to transform its shore- line and introduce new spatial qualities to its waterfront. the new delta district implicates not only high quality open spaces for itself but also connects the inner city with the seafront once again. the dividing effect of the mainstreet could be resolved with the parallel development of the delta-park and delta–city.

located in a strategic position, surrounded by the waterscapes of river rječina, mrtvi kanal and kvarner bay, the delta area has the potential to become a new link from the town centre to the waterfront. starting from the two most significant spatial qualities of the new delta area – the seafront in the south and the large public park in the north – the project aims to weave them together in a modern city district. the architectural structure of the new development is supported by a sequence of public spaces that stretch like green fingers from the large delta park over the green bridge into the new district.

the water flows in a complementary movement. from the docks of porto baross marina and sušak breakwater, through the sunny terraces surrounding the new basin, to the new promenades along river rječina and mrtvi kanal, the project maximises the coastline and offers a diversity of views and spatial experiences in a connection with water. the new waterfront development unfolds rijeka’s existing coastline and adds a highly valuable residential and business address at the interface between the sea and town centre.

auftraggeber: port of rijeka authority and the city of rijeka
größe: 32 ha
leistungsumfang: lph 1-3

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